SALDS with  extra vergin oliv oil

Politiki 5.0 €

cabbage, yogurt and yellow cheese

Dakos 5.6 €

with slice, sturdy nut and crimson

Spinach-pie salad 5,6 €

salad inspired by homemade spinach pie with traditional feta

Green  6.3€

with chicken, katiki cheese, yoghurt sauce, corn and sun-dried tomat


Bread 1,6 €

Crumbled rustic Tirokafteri 3,4 €

with anthotyro* and feta

Chickpea fava 4,2 €

with tahini tomato and rustic bread

Frying zucchini 4,4 €

with a grained cauldron

Eggplant patty 4,9 €

with cheese cream

Hand made potatoe crisps 3.5 €

with grated grain and oregano

Potatoes with eggs 4,4 €

fresh fried potatoes with egg eye and feta cheese sauce Loukoumades* filled 5,2 €

with trachana* and feta sauce

Green balls 5,4 €

with chard, myrrhs and balusters

Zucchini balls 4,8 €

Feta slice frying 5,5 €

with honey sauce and sesame seeds


Pouchin a pie crust € 5,6

with veal and eggplant paste

Kantaifi* 5,2 €

with cut meats and cream of metsovo cheese

Sweet and sour chicken 5,6 €

with peppers and cheese on a wooden board

Spicy sausage 5,8 €

with slice and hot pepper in clay

Pork Belly 6,1 €

with tomato, vinegar, yogurt and spinach in clay

Beef  7,8 €

in cheese in a clay pot


Striftari 6,3 €

traditional pasta of Lemnos with cream and chicken apaki

οr with celery root, and fresh vegetables

Giouzlemedes 5,0 €

fried traditional Greek pies of Lesbos with pastourma* Grandmother's meatballs 5,5 €

with onion, celery and tomato sauce

Mushroom frying pan 5,4 €

with garnish of nax and leek

Chicken frying pan 5,3 €

with peppers and mustard

Pork frying pan 5,4 €

with garnish of nax and leek

Tzigeri 7.2 €

Liver beef with onion and mustard seed


Burgers 5,8 €

from 100% beef mince with Domokos cheese

Pork Belly with Florina pepper 6,0 €

cook for two hours in the oven with ginger

Pork chops 11.8 €

Sausage 5,2 €

village grilld

Variety of meat 18.8 €

with fresh potatoes, steak, rustic sausage, leg chicken, fillet of chicken breast, beef burgers 


Grandmom’s: feta ointment, tomatoe, omelette, tapenade 3,5€

Grocer’s: Mortadelo,graviera cheese, tomatoe, lettuce 3,5€


Greek coffee in hovoli and homemade greek jam 2,4€

Greek double coffee in hovoli and homemade greek jam 3€

Homemade greek jam 1,3€

Hyporvrychio 2,8€

Salepi 3,7€

Soumada 3€

Kainari 3,5€

Greek Mountain Tea 2,6€

Chamomile 2,6€

Homemade lemonade 3€

Homemade sour cherry juice 3€

Homemade Orange juice 3,5€

Greek refreshments (cola,sparkling water, orange soda)



Hovoli: ash from charcoal

Hypovrychio: The Chios mastic, combined with sugar, gave birth to the spoonsweet – mastic, a vanilla spoon flavored served in a glass of cold water (chios island)

Soumada: Τraditional almond drink (aegean islands)

Politiki: Salad from Constantinople with chopped cabbage, pepper, vinegar

Ntakos: Cretan orign salad thimble, feta cheese, caper,

Fava: Santodini island orign bean

Giouzlemedes: Northen island traditional pie

Pastourma: Highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef

Stifado: Sweet onion with tomatoe sause

Pastitsio: Greek baked pasta dish that contains ground and béchamel sauce

Hunkiar Begedi: Othoman plate with veal meat

Tirokafteri: Sread mede of feta cheese, cretan graviera cheese and hot peppers

Kataifi: A kind of shredded filo pastry used in new Middle Eastern restaurantsusually as a nest for desserts

Graviera: Cretan cheese made of sheep’s milk

Loukoumades: Little bite-sized fluffy sweet honey puffs

Trahanas: Pasta made from flour and milk

Striftari: Handmade pasta from north aegean islands

Kaimaki: Traditional vanilla ice cream flavored with mastique

Retsina: White wine with a taste of resin